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T-Shirt Fabrics that you should know before making your customized T-Shirt in India

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Various fabrics are used for manufacturing of T shirts in India. Some are natural some are artificial and some are blends of both natural and artificial fabric. Both natural and artificial fabrics or man made fabrics have their Pros & Cons. In India for T-Shirt manufacturing the majorly used fabric is cotton. Let me explain in detail about it.

This is a classic kind of fabric derived from the cotton plant. It is commonly used worldwide because it is hypoallergenic, and it is less likely to irritate sensitive skin. It is soft, lightweight, and best for everyday use. Cotton shirts have been used widely in the printing industry. A ring-spun cotton is a good choice for most printing shops. Compared to regular cotton, ring-spun cotton is strong, soft to touch, and smooth to print on.


· Cotton shirts are considered the best pick for your custom t-shirt design.

· Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing works perfect on cotton fabric.

· Cotton shirts work well with water-based ink, discharge inks, and standard plastisol ink.


· Cotton shirts tend to wrinkle easily.

· Their fabric is prone to shrinking after excessive washing.

· Cotton is absorbent. Therefore, it is not optimal for people who sweat easily as it will hold the perspiration.

· The natural fibers of the cotton shirts tend to wear down over time.

100% Polyester

Polyester is made from synthetic fiber, and it is known to be less expensive for consumers. Polyester has a lightweight feel and is great for people who have an active lifestyle and is especially popular among sportsman and cricketers.


· Polyester is durable with strong fibers, and it holds up well after excessive washing.

· It is quick drying.

· Polyester is wrinkle resistant.

· It works great for sublimation printing.


· Polyester has low breath ability, so it tends to stick to the skin with perspiration.

· Polyester is sensitive to high temperatures.

· It does not work well with water-based inks and DTG printing. We at BYC T-Shirt manufacturers in India use both the fabrics and Blends.

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